Stunning fireworks, whatever your budget...

More bang for your buck!

“I’d really love a firework display, but they cost a fortune. Right?”

Actually, no they don’t. Of course, you can spend as much money as you like but a fabulous display, designed, installed, fired and then cleared away by our experts can cost as little as £1,000.00

Display costs are affected by:

  • The type of fireworks used
  • The size of fireworks used
  • The quantity of fireworks used
  • The duration of the display

To give you a better idea of cost, a good rule of thumb is to think in terms of pounds (£) per minute, and a duration of between 5 and 10 minutes.

Guide prices:

  • £100.00 per minute would give you a fantastic display
  • £200.00 per minute would create a truly amazing show
  • £300.00 per minute and you’re talking totally epic!

The budget is up to you, but regardless of what you spend, our expertise ensures that you get the best display possible.

Don’t forget – we want it to be magical

Our greatest reward is the look on people’s faces and we will do everything possible to get plenty of ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ for the budget you have available.

To find out more, or to just have a chat about your firework display, get in touch.

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